Connecting WhereDat to Trello allows you to search and manage your Trello tasks and boards.

But trello already has search...

Yes, and by connecting WhereDat to Trello's search you can not only search and manage your Trello tasks, but multiple other apps as well. 

Why is that useful?

Because most team's work is scattered across several apps, making it a chore to find when you need it. For instance, ever tried to hunt down a specific file without knowing which app it's in? Was that sent to me over e-mail, Slack, or assigned to me on Trello?

By letting your search and access all your apps simultaneously, WhereDat lets you access your information faster.

How it works

The first time you connect to WhereDat you will have to sign-in and connect each app. See our app directory for available apps. From then on, when you search, it will search inside all your connected apps at once.

TRELLo setup instructions

Before getting started, WhereDat needs to be installed on your computer. You can download WhereDat here.

1. Connect Trello

2. Login to Trello to allow WhereDat to search.

(note: we don't save any of your data, for more information see our Privacy Policy)

3. Start searching!

Now what?

To utilize WhereDat's search capabilities we recommend you connect at least three of your apps. To connect more apps, simply repeat steps 1-3 again with each app.

In this example, Trello, Dropbox, and Slack are the three apps connected, so a search for "wheredat" pulls up tasks from Trello, files from Dropbox, and conversations inside Slack.

We'll continue to improve the Trello integration. If you run into any issues, feel free to contact us. Also, check out our available integrations on our App Directory.

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