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How to Skyrocket Productivity on Your Android Phone (Slideshare)

How to Skyrocket Productivity on Your Android Phone (Slideshare)

Our phones aren't going anywhere...working on our phones isn't going anywhere. 

With so much information on your phone, how do you find everything?

What are the Best Mobile Based Search Engines?

Defining the best mobile search depends on what your needs are. Do you want search primarily for the web? Or to find stuff on your phone? Most mobile search engines combine both web and device results, usually with a prioritization of one over the other. Essentially, it comes down to finding the right one for your needs.

How Mobile Search Can be Reinvented

We believe mobile search can be reinvented by focusing less on web search results, and more on what the user already has on their phone.

Search on mobile should be more about finding the information fragmented across dozens of apps rather than strong web results and weak device search.

Users should be able to search the content they have on their phone, the information buried inside their apps, and the web, if needed.

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