Mobile SharePoint Solutions

Mobile Sharepoint Solutions

13 Apps to access your SharePoint content on mobile.

For many business users, SharePoint is an essential application they can't work without. But, having established its legacy over a decade ago, SharePoint wasn’t built with mobile in mind.

Accessing data inside SharePoint from your phone isn’t intuitive. Navigating to settings, then site actions, then manage site features is only the beginning. Another three steps are required to get view the page in it's proper 'mobile view.'

Requiring multiple steps to access your data from a mobile device isn’t cohesive with today’s user expectations resulting from pixel-perfect consumer apps.

Users expect a quick download from the app store to give them instant mobile access. Unfortunately, in the case of desktop-designed software like SharePoint, there is no perfect "SharePoint App" available. 

Instead there's a combination of solutions by Microsoft and other third-party vendors. To add a little clarity to the available solutions, we created an extensive list of the Sharepoint Access apps available.

If any solutions have been left out, feel free to mention them in the comments below. :)

Microsoft Solutions

1. Microsoft Powerapps - Allows you create your own apps for business needs from an extensive list of connections including SharePoint, Box, Google Drive, Slack, and more.

Mobile devices: Web, Android, iOS, and Windows

2. Office Delve -  Personalized search and discovery that delivers content from across the Microsoft 365 suite. Can integrate with SharePoint, OneDrive, Outlook, Powerpoint, etc. and search them all at once.

Devices: Android, iOS

3. SharePoint Newsfeed App - Allows mobile interaction with the SharePoint social network as well as access to the documents you are following.

Mobile Devices: Windows Phone, iOS

Third Party Vendor Solutions

4. Mobile Entree - Provides mobile access to Office 365 online, but requires integration to search inside on-premise SharePoint servers. Users with technical abilities can be up and running  minutes of completing the set-up wizard.

Mobile Devices: Compatible with all.

5. Colligo E-mail Manager - an Outlook app that allows email and document access. “Simultaneously search Outlook, SharePoint, Office 365 and OneDrive for Business for emails and attachments directly from a search pane within Outlook”

Mobile Devices: iOS - coming soon

6. Briefcase Pro - Document reader and file manager which allows you to download and view various types of files from cloud drives, and Microsoft Office. Security controls need to be set by IT professional management.

Mobile Devices: iOS

7. SharePlus, by Infragistics - “Mobilize your SharePoint investment. Enable teams to access content from multiple file sources on premise or in the Cloud.”

Mobile Devices: iOS, Android

8. Filamente for Office 365 and SharePoint - Provides the full functionality of SharePoint on mobile. The enterprise product has control and security functions.

Mobile Devices: iOS

Solutions that include SharePoint access within a broader scope

9. WhereDat - Mobility-first enterprise search which integrates to search inside SharePoint as well as other enterprise apps such as Box, and Salesforce. Data never leaves the device, keeping it secure.

Mobile Devices: Android

10. Box - A document storage app that integrates with SharePoint and allows mobile access to your SharePoint data.

Mobile Devices: iOS, Android

11. Accellion - Another document storage app that integrates with SharePoint and features mobile access to your SharePoint data.

Mobile Devices: iOS, Android

12. Jive - A social network suite that integrates with SharePoint and feature mobile access; slanted towards social collaboration capabilities.

Mobile Devices: iOS, Android

13. Quick access Cloud - As the name suggests, it allows you to search your documents on SharePoint, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Evernote, and Twitter. Files are downloadable for offline reading.

Mobile Devices: iOS


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