How Mobile Search Can be Reinvented

We believe mobile search can be reinvented by focusing less on web search results, and more on what the user already has on their phone.

Search on mobile should be more about finding the information fragmented across dozens of apps rather than strong web results and weak device search.

Users should be able to search the content they have on their phone, the information buried inside their apps, and the web, if needed.

Wired predicted that by this year (2016) phones will be so advanced that people might not even need their PCs to work. 

Large SaaS companies, like Dropbox, Evernote, and Trello also seem to be getting the drift by syncing with your phone so your information is always available on the go. The question is, how easy is all of that information to access?

The phone is obviously quite smaller than the desktop, restricting the user to only looking at one app page of information at a time. Users also have to consciously switch apps every time they want to access something else.

Do users really want to be swiping at their phones to find their correct apps, clicking into the apps, and then using the apps’ search function to find what they're looking for?

Why not have one search bar that searches inside all those apps for you?

*Note that we are a bit biased since we're already working on a mobile search app here.

(this was originally posted as an answer to a question on Quora)



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