5 Best Android Apps for Nurses


Nurses are required to instantly recall a plethora of information on the job. And while we’d all love a perfect memory, you’ll have to be satisfied with the next best thing. That is, using Android apps which ensure instant access to up-to-date knowledge.

88% of nurses already use apps at work, according to a Mobi Health News, usually to reference drug and disease information.

To help you find that information faster, here is a list of the 5 best Android apps that will help you find what you need while staying on task.

1. Omnio

A medical library at your fingertips. Quickly find relevant medical information including drug and disease guides, dosage calculators, and a favorites section for quick access. (click the icon or title to download)

2. Nurse’s Pocket Guide

A pocket guide focused on nurse’s diagnosis and care plans. Reference diagnosis definitions, related factors, or search by patient symptoms to reach the corresponding diagnoses. Also includes sample care plans.

3. Nurse’s Aid

A reminder app that assists with managing a nurse’s routine. Manage your patient care by quickly setting tasks with reminders, and making lists to keep track of your duties.

4. Drugs Dictionary

The offline and free-to-download Drugs Dictionary is your comprehensive guide for medications; it includes lists of drug names and uses, detailed drug guides, disease prescriptions, missed dosage details, and much more.

5. WhereDat

WhereDat helps you access everything on your phone faster, including your nurse apps.

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