Unleash the secret power of martial arts to become more productive on your phone


When performing an action on your phone you must first find/access the app that will perform the necessary task. 

Using Gmail as an example.

First you look for your preferred e-mail app, for the sake of this post we'll assume you use Gmail.

In order to use Gmail you will first have to locate the Gmail app using one of the following means: 

a. Open Gmail directly from your launcher (home screen, assuming it's used often enough to be placed there)

b. Search for Gmail from the default android search, or

c. Sift through all the apps on your phone, did anyone say time consuming?

Locating an app on your mobile device dozens of times a day, day in day out for years is a nuisance and a time consuming task, even if it robs you of only about 5 seconds each time. 

The difficulty here is knowing where to find what: be it an app, calendar item or a contact.

One solution to this problem is a mobile device launcher, also called the “home screen”

This is like a PC desktop, a central place where you can drag apps you frequently use onto.

The launcher is very useful but it can only be a partial solution simply because of  limited screen space, especially on mobile devices.

A launcher usually has 20-25 free slots for keeping apps. This might cover the apps you use most of the time but it can never conveniently cover all possible actions you would like to use with your device.

One example is contacts. You can place several, most frequent, contacts on your launcher but what about all the rest?

Currently the way you will find other contacts is to find your contacts app, open it, search for the contact, and then message or call the contact. That's a total of four steps...not very efficient, right?

Here's where Martial Arts comes into play.

Martial arts is based on learning pre-programmed movements to counteract any incoming attack.

Such movements are automatically performed by using something called muscle memory, which consolidates a specific motor task into memory through repetition.

A long-term muscle memory created for a specific task eventually allows it to be performed without conscious effort.

In martial arts something referred to as a “kata” comes to preserve and transmit proven techniques.

The goal of a kata is to internalize the movements and techniques of martial arts movements so they can be executed and adapted under different circumstances without thought or hesitation.

This is why a novice’s actions will look uneven and difficult, while a master’s will appear simple and smooth.

What if you could employ the basic martial art techniques of muscle memory to your phone usage to make you more efficient? 

We believe you'll become more efficient based on the assumption is that if you are using repetitive movements your muscle memory will kick in making searching on your phone much quicker. 

Remember the example searching for Gmail?

Searching for an app using WhereDat. Most apps can be found by just typing just 1-2 letters. As you can see here, finding the Snapchat app only required 1 letter.

Searching for an app using WhereDat. Most apps can be found by just typing just 1-2 letters. As you can see here, finding the Snapchat app only required 1 letter.

Imagine Gmail isn't on your home screen apps grid. Before WhereDat you had to go to the apps grid area and start sifting through the apps installed on your device until you managed to find the app you were after.

This “searching with your eye” action is tedious and not very effective once you have around 20 apps on your launcher because you have to actively "search" for it each time. 

When using WhereDat you will start by typing the first 1-2 letters of the app’s name and the search result will show the app you are interested in.

If you need this app more often, the usage of the keyboard and the location of the result on the screen create a constant pattern and the same repetitive actions you do will eventually crystallize into muscle memory in your brain, meaning finding this specific app will be automatically and effortless.

The same method can be used when searching for other things: contacts, calendar and of course, Google search.

So by using the martial art technique of muscle memory WhereDat is able to make you use your phone more productively and the best thing about it: the more you use it the better you become at finding stuff on our own phone, working faster and more efficiently!

Don't believe us? Try it for yourself!

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