17 reasons why IntelliJ IDEA is better than Eclipse

Recently, I had to go back and use Eclipse IDE, after using Android Studio (based on IntelliJ) for a while. These are the things I'm missing, and the reasons that make IntelliJ better, IMH/AO.

  1. Search files by name with any string, without the need to use a "*". 
  2. Right-click any line in the code and copy a reference to it.
  3. Files are saved automatically.
  4. No need to hit ctrl+space to autocomplete code.
  5. Just having your cursor on a line allows you to copy or cut it, no need to actually mark it.
  6. Just pasting a string between two quotes e.g. "" does the escaping for you.
  7. One click adds a breakpoint, why do you need to double click???
  8. You can dig through private methods from outside the class if you hit ctrl+space twice.
  9. AutoMagically bring a variable to scope.
  10. Right click menu has a "show file in finder/explorer."
  11. Alt+click a tab's X button to close all the other tabs.
  12. Tells you when to use StringBuilder vs String.
  13. Gives hints about wrong access modifiers, e.g. when overriding a private super method.
  14. You can refactor your code even when it has syntax compilation errors.
  15. The log monitor has filtering capabilities.
  16. Watches are guessed according to your breakpoint's scope and are shown in the same window with debug variables.
  17. Window layouts make sense out of the box, and doesn't need constant reshuffling.


BTW, I use them both for JAVA.

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