10 Best Productivity Apps

From remembering where you parked your car, to entertaining you with Candy Crush Saga, your phone has an app for everything.

We waded through lists of productivity apps to find the ten most users agree are the best.

Let us know if you have a favorite that we missed.

1. Evernote

This cloud-based app is your #1 organization tool. With the ability to sync files between your devices, Evernote allows you to edit and share files as needed.

Additional cool features: you can search tasks on the go, scan things, save web pages, capture photos, create to-do lists, and even record voice reminders.

Free. Plus: $24.99/year. Premium: $49.99/year.

2. Todoist

Realtime syncing with Google Calendar, Github, and Evernote makes this app an excellent to-do list task manager.

Its great design features and color code allow you to manage and delegate tasks effectively. It offers custom labels/filters for said tasks and subtasks, templates for repeating projects, location based-reminders, productivity tracking, file uploads, push notifications, automatic backups, and much more. 

Basic version is free, premium is $29/year.

3. Dropbox

Speaking about syncing, Dropbox is pro at accessing files in the cloud whether it be photos, documents, or videos.

Its huge user base is a bonus, making this app super handy for sharing files with your team. No need to email back and forth, or worry about your computer crashing and losing your files.

4. Flowdock

A mix of chat and inbox tools, Flowdock offers an easier way to collaborate and communicate with team members.

5. Expensify

A must for business travelers; it keeps track of all your business-related travel expenses by letting you log mileage, meal expenses and other business-related costs.

Pricing: between $5-$9/month

6. Invoice2Go

If you have to deal with invoices often, this app is for you.

It simplifies the invoice process, allowing users to quickly format and send invoices or estimates.

Integrated with Paypal, it also calculates all associated taxes, and automatically reconfigures itself for users in other countries.

Starter: $49/year. Pro: $99/year. Enterprise: $149/year.

7. Producteev

Another task manager, Producteev allows you to keep track of ongoing tasks (progress, milestones and due dates).

Also handy is the filter option which allows you to see exactly how much work an employee is assigned / how much they already have.

Free. Enterprise: $99/month.
8. Sunrise

An awesome calendar app that connects with your e-mail. It not only boasts good design, but also pulls directly from Linkedln so you can see the picture and profile of whomever you're meeting with. 


9. Slack

This app basically negates your need for email; a nifty communication tool, Slack is perfect for teams to share information. Users can sync and upload files, and its automatic archive systems allows you to search for whatever file you need (it can search within PDF’s, Google Docs, Word Docs, and more). 

Free. Standard: $8/month. Plus: $15/month. Enterprise: coming soon.

10. Trello

Simple, visual software for task management. Trello allows you to quickly assign tasks and message related team-members right on the task. 

It really is intuitive, you can keep the streamlined version or turn on features and integrations as you need them.

Free. Business class $8.33/month. Enterprise $20.33/month.


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