Search inside Slack from your phone's home screen.


Use WhereDat to search by channel, user, or message.

Note: since WhereDat is a mobile app, integration must by done from your Android! 

See directions below.

On your phone, if you haven't already, download WhereDat here

1. Swipe left to open settings and select "Add Integrations." 

Note that integration with Slack is a premium feature, in order to access it you will have to join the premium beta. 


2. Select the integrate button next to Slack. 

You will be redirected to Slack's authorization page, select your team and authorize.


3. You now have Slack integration. :) 

Select the "return to WhereDat" button.

From WhereDat, try searching for something you recently talked about on slack.


Any questions? E-mail us at [email protected]

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